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Union Locksmith Store San Antonio, TX 210-780-7336In case of key misplacement, duplication is carried out to save customers from it, but what if the key broke in lock? You cannot create the same key as the lock is jammed with a portion of it inside. In short, only expert locksmiths can resolve such issues and the place where you can find them is Union Locksmith Store in San Antonio, TX area. We have the expertise to extract the broken pieces from the lock and make it functional as soon as possible. So, stop panicking when your key gets twisted in the ignition or your home’s lock and call us immediately on 210-780-7336. Our team responds instantly to crush the lock and key worried of customers.

What causes a key to break?

There are probably many reasons why your key broke in lock but let’s focus on most common factors given below:

1) Presence of ‘weak points’

The regular cuts and grooves on the key might become deeper and it is just of matter of time when the key breaks down or snaps suddenly. Persistent usage is the main reason behind keys going redundant.

2) Use of light-weight materials

 If you have a bought a cheaper lock and key combination from the nearby store, it is highly likely that they won’t last long as the keys might be made of inferior metal such as aluminum. It’s not long before you find that the key broke in lock.

Key trouble? Call in the experts

No matter what DIY technique is used, there is no way you can fix the issue, especially when the key broke in lock. Probably, trying too hard might cause irreversible damage to the lock. Hence, the only way out is to contact professional locksmith experts from Union Locksmith Store and avail their help to remove the broken pieces.

Why choose Union Locksmith Store?

Our technical experts use the most modern key extractors to accomplish the task with 100% precision. What’s more they can create an entirely new key on the spot using the most durable materials available in the market. Give us a call and leave your worries behind, as we are adept in removing the broken pieces and ensure that the lock system is refurbished to work as efficiently as it did before.

With us at helm, do not worry if your key broke in lock, but dial 210-780-7336 and get a new one made in quick time.